Saturday, March 11, 2006

Book Launch in Britain Meets With Mixed Response

Tim Flannery, a leading Australian environmental scientist (previously mentioned in our story "We're doing Kyoto Anyway...") has been touring Britain to launch his new book, The Weather Makers.

The book has been hailed as "The finest account of the overwhelming science behind global warming, blending poetical writing and historical perspective to argue for the urgent need to address the implications of climate change".

His visit has been met with a mixed response, because of his ideas on nuclear energy. He claims that it is a necessity for countries like China and India to embrace nuclear energy, as their current energy situation is too far gone for renewable energies to be a viable option in the short term.

However, he also claims that Australia should definitely be mining their uranium, but shouldn't be using it themselves, as they could reduce their reliance on coal and move to renewable energy sources fairly quickly.

Tim Flannery will be touring the US next week to launch his book.

Story from The Age

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