Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Can't See the City for the Trees

Residents in Sydney have taken to tree vandalism in an attempt to get city views, and the problem is getting worse. Holes have been bored into trunks, and filled with herbicides, others have been ring-barked, resulting in a slow death for the tree, and some have just plain been chopped right down.

In some of the worst cases entire groves of mature trees have been poisoned to give uninterrupted views to nearby waterways. In the seaside suburb of Coogee, more than 75 native banksia, melaleucas, eucalyptus and other introduced species have been killed over the past six years in one beachside park alone.

Local councils are doing their best to combat this problem, but quite often replanted trees are surreptitously being ripped straight back out again.

From Planet Ark


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