Friday, March 03, 2006

Geoengineering - stop worrying, the world's in good hands

Have you heard of the term "Geoengineering"? If you have, are you scared? I certainly am.

Basically, geoengineering (or planetary engineering) is the process of modifying the planets environment on a global scale. So we humans have actually been unconsciously geoengineering over the last two hundred years, slowly changing our planets environment with our technological "advancements".

But that's not the scary part, the scary part is that scientists and political leaders are looking at geoengineering as a valid way of combatting climate change. Here are a few of the ways that are being discussed and trialed...

  • Fertilizing the ocean with iron to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

  • Carbon sequestration (burying the carbon dioxide deep undergound or under ocean)

  • Modifying the climate using orbiting mirrors

  • I personally do not have enough knowledge on any of these methods to give a valid argument for or against, but my gut tells me that this is all very wrong. We should be reducing our dominance over the planet, we should be modifying the way we do things, to suit our planet, not modifying the planet to suit our way of doing things.

    The BBC has just posted an excellent article on Geoengineering, and in it, this quote sums up the reason we should be scared...

    "The knowledge that we maybe could engineer our way out of climate problems inevitably lessens the political will to begin reducing carbon dioxide emissions"

    Read the BBC Article Here...


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