Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Glass is Almost Empty

The first World Water Day was held on the 22nd March 1993. It was started by the UN in the hope of raising awareness of water as one of our most valuable resources. During the general assembly that created this day, the following observations were made as reasons to increase awareness...

  • The extent to which water resource development contributes to economic productivity and social well-being is not widely appreciated, although all social and economic activities rely heavily on the supply and quality of fresh water

  • As populations and economic activities grow, many countries are rapidly reaching conditions of water scarcity or facing limits to economic development

  • The promotion of water conservation and sustainable management requires public awareness at local, national, regional and international levels

  • Fast forward 13 years to present day, and we find one fifth of all children in the world do not have access to safe clean drinking water, causing the death of 4,000 children every day. We find people being beaten, jailed and killed trying to defend their water resources. We find newspapers around the world talking of wars between countries over water, each one of these newspapers taking 10 litres of water to create.

    1 day out of 365 isn't enough. We need to dedicate our lives to conserving this resource. Each one of us needs to be harvesting the rainwater that lands on our property, and using it thoughtfully, rather than abusing it relentlessly.

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