Friday, March 10, 2006

Packed With Compact Thinking

"The Compact" is a group of people around the world who have decided to boycott consumerism for a full year. They aim to support local businesses, reduce clutter and simplify their lives.

For the full year, they have agreed not to buy new products of any kind. This means anything they need has to be borrowed or bought used (with the obvious exceptions of food, drink, medicines, cleaning products, and underwear).

There have been some hiccups in the first few months, with members needing to purchase wiper blades, drywall, etc, which has resulted in a further ironing out of the rules, but the general consensus is that this is a Very Good Thing (tm). The participants claim to be more at peace, have much more money in their pockets than usual, and get a general sense of doing something positive for themselves, the local community and the world.

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