Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Queensland's Sustainable Housing Code - A Faltering Stumble in the Right Direction

From the start of this month, the Queensland Government has put into place "Sustainable Housing Code". As part of this initiative, all new houses built must by law have the following...

  • Water efficient AAA-rated shower roses

  • Dual-flush toilets

  • Energy efficient lighting in at least 40 per cent of the house

  • Water pressure limiting devices in areas with high water pressure

  • Greenhouse efficient hot water systems such as solar, heat pump or gas hot water

  • This effort by the government has been praised by some environmentalists as a step in the right direction, but condemned as too small a step by others.

    The Government claims that this initiative will promote the use of rainwater tanks and greywater, however they have left it up to the local councils discretion whether they act upon these issues or not (and the majority of councils have thus far decided against it).

    Queensland Greens candidate Elissa Jenkins said "It's a shame that Minister Boyle has missed a great opportunity to solve any future water crisis by mandating rainwater tanks for new housing developments. That alone would have set South East Queensland firmly on the road to sustainability."

    More Information...

  • Sustainable Living - Local Government & Planning
  • Queensland Government: Putting the suss into sustainable
  • Qld Sustainable Housing Code starts today


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