Thursday, March 02, 2006

Report: Most PNG logging illegal

The vast majority of logging operations in Papua New Guinea are illegal, environmentally unsustainable and provide little benefit to the country, according to a new report Tuesday.

The report, by the Washington-based Forest Trends non-profit organization, says logging in Papua New Guinea is dominated by Malaysian-owned companies, whose primary export markets are China, Japan, and South Korea.

Once processed, many of the logs are exported to Europe and North America.

Forest Trends says corruption is having a devastating affect on PNG living standards and calls on big importers of PNG timber such as China to take a "global leadership" role in overcoming illegal logging.

The report is based on a five-year external review commissioned by the World Bank and the PNG government.

It said that a study of 14 logging projects covering 3.17 million hectares found all were operating illegally and the harvested timber was not being sustainably managed.

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