Sunday, March 05, 2006

Rough Guide to Saving the Planet

Mark Ellngham, founder of Rough Guides, and Tony Wheeler, founder of Lonely Planet, have included a new section in their popular travel publications.

They are now warning their readers about the damage that flying around the globe does to the environment, and are giving people viable alternatives to casual air travel.

For example, where possible, catch a train, spend more time in one place, instead of trying to fit 5 countries into one holiday.

Around 6 million copies of Lonely Planet guidebooks are sold each year, so this is a wonderful opportunity to reach a great number of people. Well done guys.

Trip to Thailand

Cost of return flight in emissions: 2.1 tonnes of CO2
Cost of offsetting it: £21.30 to a solar-panel scheme in Sri Lanka.
Benefit to the Environment:Priceless

Read the full story at The Guardian...


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